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The System i Suite is a state-of-the-art, integrated, end-to-end security solution for your IBM Sys i, i5 and AS/400. Sophisticated, yet easy to use, with iSecurity you are able to control and manage many critical aspects of your Sys i requirements for security, audit and compliance such as Network (TCP/IP) Intrusion Protection (IPS); Password & User Management; Protection of unattended screens; Intrusion Detection Solution (IDS) including realtime escalation and pre-defined responses to threats; Field Level Security, Graphical Business Intelligence tool for exceptions & trend analysis and much more. Comes with both classic and GUI interface.

Use iSecurity to YOUR Benefit

  • Address many of your Sys i critical issues of security and compliance with iSecurity, an integrated, end-to-end solution for your IBM Sys i, i5 and AS/400.
  • Automate the task of keeping your system and data secured, 24x7.
  • Meet your legal compliance requirements. Sarbanes Oxley, AS/7799.2 or ISO 17799...
  • Keep your auditors happy with the required ad-hoc and ongoing reporting.
  • Gain visibility into your system.

iSecurity Gold


Assessment is a free tool for diagnostics and assessment of your iSecurity vulnerabilities. In 5-10 minutes it reviews your system security setup and provides suggestions for compliance. Run the program regularly. Check for unauthorised changes.


Firewall provides Network (TCP/IP) Intrusion Protection (IPS) by securing all OS exit points (FTP, SQL, ODBC, MS Excel, Access, etc), right down to object level. It offers, many features such as rules-based Wizards, multiple reports, escalation, ease of use; simulation mode., GUI etc


Audit, a sophisticated Intrusion Detection (IDS). Monitors the Security Audit Journal entries in real time for pre-defined breaches and threats and uses Action to respond. Tracks privileged users and critical objects. Includes a powerful report generator to provide reports required by your auditors.


Action is called upon by Audit when security threats and breaches are detected to deliver Intrusion Escalation (IES) in realtime SMS, email, messages) as well as to immediately execute pre-defined actions to counteract and minimise the impact of threats and breaches.


Visualizer is a Business Intelligence statistical data analyser. It summarises the large numbers of transactions collected by Firewall (TCP/IP), Audit (Security Audit Journal) and Journal (field / record changes) to create a 'cube' that IT managers can use for trend analysis and exception identification

Password Management

Password Management (part of Firewall) addresses password-related security issues. It comes with flexible dictionary tools to block unwanted and common passwords and it integrates and expands on OS/400 native password features.

iSecurity Additional Modules


View provides Field Level Security that ensures sensitive data fields are accessed only by specific users based on their need to access the data. A unique solution (patent pending) that applies to ALL applications but requires no application changes.


Anti-Virus, delivers real time, Sys i dedicated protection against virus and other malicious code attempts to affect production on the Sys i. Comes with an easy-to-use interface and independent open source for virus definitions.


Screen addresses the exposure of unattended workstations by locking them when not used for pre-defined period and alerting operators. The pre-defined period depends on multiple parameters. Users can resume work by entering their password.


Capture functions as an Sys i 'Security Camera' - it logs every (green) screen accessed by users and archives them so they can later be used to check for unauthorised, illegal use & security breaches. The Replay mode is very simple to use with an inbuilt search facility.


Journal automatically keeps track of application data changes, by documenting and reporting changes made to the database. Provides a mechanism to audit changes to critical data files, down to the field level.

Compliance Evaluator

iSecurity Compliance Evaluator enables managers to quickly check the compliance of their systems with industry and corporate policies based on customizable user-friendly reports. It provides concise one-page reports featuring an overall compliance score, as well as specific ratings for any security-related component of System i, such as system values, network attributes and user profiles. A number of pre-defined spreadsheet plans relating to PCI, SOX and HIPAA security regulations are supplied with the product.

Authority on Demand

Authority on Demand (AOD) is a unique product for controlling user permissions while flexibly responding to the ever-changing security needs of an organization. Authority on Demand performs real-time audit of access rights in order to protect sensitive corporate assets. It reduces the number of profiles with high-level authorities, while enabling relevant personnel to easily obtain access to approved information upon demand, saving valuable time and resources.

The software is available for a FREE Proof of Concept evaluation, for more details email [email protected] or call +61-3 9572-5869