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Compliance Evaluator

Single-View Compliance Check

The iSecurity Compliance Evaluator enables managers to quickly check the compliance of their systems with industry and corporate policies based on customizable user-friendly reports.

Compliance Evaluator provides managers with at-a-glance company-wide information covering up to 99 System i LPARs (Logical Partitions). It provides concise one-page reports featuring an overall compliance score, as well as specific ratings for any security-related component of System i, such as system values, network attributes and user profiles. Moreover, all the information is presented in easy-to-use Excel format.

With Compliance Evaluator, managers, system administrators and auditors can easily produce any number of advanced reports, choose the parameters and structure of the report and give different weights to each parameter. Each report can automatically be e-mailed to the relevant auditor.

View Compliance Evaluator Screens

compliance evaluator
Compliance Evaluator Report

Compliance Evaluator
Compliance Evaluator - Setting Relative Importance of System Values

compliance evaluator
Compliance Evaluator - Running Definitions

Compliance Evaluator Features

  • Network-wide compliance status at a glance
  • PCI, SOX, etc. compliance checks
  • Results in colorful Excel spreadsheet
  • Results can be emailed directly from AS/400
  • Automatic scheduling
  • Single general score per system and specific scores per topic
  • Each item & topic can receive individual importance
  • All scores displayed as percentages
  • Several report templates, with different levels of detail
  • Unlimited number of reports
  • Detailed or summary data
  • Ready-made & customizable checks
  • User-friendly GUI

The software is available for a FREE Proof of Concept evaluation, for more details email [email protected] or call +61-3-9572-5869