Rock solid, Comprehensive Managed File Transfer

Centralized control, security and auditing. Support for SFTP, SCP, FTP/s, HTTP/s,
AS2, MQ and email integration; Encryption and Decryption; Secure FTP server,
Simplified Ad-hoc transfers; Enhanced Reverse Proxy and more

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Success Stories


Integra Bank (NASDAQ - IBNK)

Integra Bank (NASDAQ - IBNK) needed to secure systems with role-based data access. They accomplished this with GoAnywhere Director from Linoma Software. Additionally they were able to automate and secure file transfers, consolidate processing applications and provide SOX and other compliance audit reports.
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Kwik Trip, Inc.

When Tom Fiebelkorn first joined the IT staff at Kwik Trip, Inc., he spent much of his time writing an RPG program that could integrate with an SQL server database to deliver and retrieve the data he needed to send numerous weekly reports to state Departments of Revenue where the company's more than 400 retail outlets operated. Now GoAnywhere Director™ communicates seamlessly with the IBM i system to send and track statuses of the files needed for the Revenue Departments. And that's only one of the ways GoAnywhere Director has helped improve workflows at Kwik Trip.
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City of Modesto

Michael Bumanlag and his team in the City of Modesto, California's IT Department are busy with a variety of data management projects. One that was especially challenging was a requirement from the state's employee retirement system to submit all documentation using a complex XML format, one with which Bumanlag had little experience. After researching a variety of vendors, not only did he find GoAnywhere Director more cost effective, he was surprised at how efficiently it handled the retirement systems project. It didn't take him long to find many more diverse projects for Director to tackle. See how well this managed file transfer software did.
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Bristol Hospital

Delivering the best possible experience for its patients is very important to Bristol Hospital. In addition to receiving excellent care, patients need to trust that the hospital is also protecting their health records and other sensitive data. GoAnywhere Director™ from Linoma Software has allowed Bristol Hospital to ensure that trust with strong data encryption, authentication and audit trails. Bristol Hospital uses GoAnywhere Director to protect HIPAA controlled data, EDI records, and accounting information.
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The Washington Companies

The Washington Companies needed a managed file transfer solution to exchange sensitive information securely to satellite offices and with business partners around the world. GoAnywhere Director not only allowed the Washington Companies to securely transfer files with ease, but using its XML flexibility they can also ensure business continuity in their Class 1 Data Center at no extra cost.
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GoAnywhere™ is a managed file transfer (MFT) and secure FTP solution that will streamline and automate file transfers with your trading partners, customers, employees and internal servers.

  • GoAnywhere™ Directory Managed File Transfer
  • GoAnywhere™ Services Secure FTP Server
  • GoAnywhere™ Gateway Enhanced Reverse Proxy

GoAnywhere Brochures and Case Studies

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