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Read and Write XML-Files directly on Your System i!!

Melbourne, 15 August 2007 AH Technology announces the available of i4XML in Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia.

I4XML, developed by Goering Software in Germany, allows organizations using iSeries, System i applications to use XML in communicating bi-directionally with other organizations, whether they are suppliers, customers, sub-distributors etc.

In a nutshell, i4XML enables the conversion of data from DB2 file formats to XML files and back.

For iSeries data, i4XML can convert an iSeries data file to XML or execute an existing iSeries Query and convert its output to XML. It also supports conversions of multi-dimensional database structures and accommodates read-in XML streams both structured and unstructured!

The EML Extraction Script required for conversions can be created either automatically by i4XML or manually by the user.

i4XML comes with support for both interactive or batch operation for both conversions from iSeries Data to XML and conversion of XML files to DB2 files.

With its ability to run in batch, under program control, i4XML can easily integrated into processes of delivering information in XML or receiving XML data. A growing requirement when communications with other organizations such as suppliers, large customers etc.

The XML files created by i4XML are stored in the IFS or can be FTP'ed to another FTP Server.

Please note the process of using i4XML for converting data can be fully automated, and therefore will benefit your organization without requiring any human intervention.

The software is available for a FREE Proof of Concept evaluation, for more details email [email protected] or call +61-3 9572-5869