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LinkIt: "Integration on the Glass" - Integrate Your IBM I Apps with Other (PC) Apps

"Integration on the Glass" means a technology where you can combine data from IBM iTM with data or applications from other platforms on the same screen. The implementation is such that there is no need to modify the applications on the IBM i, and that the integration achieved 'on the glass' is via an easy, uncomplicated setup

  • Scan documents and then, linked them to your application record based on key fields on your green screen data [AS/400 (iSeries / IBM i) or Mainframe applications]. Examples: Signatures, Driver Licenses, passports, signed documentation (contracts, goods receipts, policies etc). Any document needed by your application (photos of damage to cars involved in accidents. Scanned documented can be saved to the IVM i IFS or anywhere on the network
  • Retrieve previously scanned and catalogued documents based on key fields on your green screen application data on your AS/400 (iSeries / IBM i) or Mainframe applications.
  • Examples: scan (store on IFS or a windows servers and link documents to relevant records on IBM i records, Signatures, Driver license, passport, signed documentation (contracts, goods receipts, policies etc).
  • Merge green screen fields with Word or Excel templates to produce documentation to clients. No programming changes, no hassles.
  • Use other green screen key fields (e.g. client's email, email subject) and merge them with an outlook email and send the above documents to the client. Once the signed documents are received, scan and link them to the client's IBM i records.
  • Export your sub-file records to Excel

LinkIt Capabilities

LinkIt is a wizard-based tool that requires no programming or special skills.

Implementation is quick and easy. Only a few minutes to integrate with new application!

Simple application maintenance.

No code modifications are required in the legacy system application

  • Scan and catalog documents
  • Retrieve and display archived documents
  • Export sub-file data into Excel
  • Generate Word documents
  • Integrate fully with Outlook

Full document management system

  • Integrates with any PC application
  • Special features
    • OCR/Bar code document scanning
    • Biometric signature integration

The software is available for a FREE Proof of Concept evaluation, for more details email [email protected] or call +61-3 9572-5869