iSecurity Case Studies

Bank of Sardegna: 8 iSecurity Modules including Firewall, Audit & Action

Banco di Sardegna has a core business based on crediting, working with both private and corporate customers. They deployed Power iSecurity products from Raz-Lee Security because of the strong security expertise, and its features for tracking and automation of processes in the Power i infrastructure and applications.

Bridgestone Australia: iSecurity View

Bridgestone Australia Ltd is a leading supplier to the Australian automotive industry. Bridgestone uses iSecurity View to mask sensitive business-critical application data both on the record level and on the field level.

Deutche Castrol: 8 iSecurity Modules including Firewall, Audit & Action

Castrol is acknowledged to be the world�s leading provider of lubrication solutions with operating units in over 60 countries. The comprehensive solution provided by Raz-Lee's iSecurity fulfills their stringent security requirements

DnBNOR Bank: iSecurity Audit

DnBNOR Bank (formerly Union Bank of Norway), which is part of Norway's largest financial services group with total combined assets of nearly $300B. This document will discuss various aspects of configuring and implementing iSecurity Audit at DnBNOR Bank and can serve as a valuable reference for all iSecurity Audit customers worldwide

GerdauMacSteel: iSecurity AP Journal

Gerdau Macsteel is the second largest specialty engineered steel bar producer in North America. They rely heavily on iSecurity's AP-Journal in their High Availability environment.

Hospital Sainte Therese: FileScope

Hospital Sainte Therese uses Filescope Platinum as a DB2 databases tool to gain full and robust reporting capabilities, the ability to create special-purpose ViewPoints, batch processing capabilities and minimal interference with AS/400 performance

HSHNordbank AG: 9 iSecurity Modules including AP Journal, Firewall, Audit & Action

HSH Nordbank AG is an investment bank focusing on shipping, transportation, real estate and renewable energy in Northern Europe. HSH Nordbank London implements iSecurity to help strengthen its systems security and compliance.

IRSAP Group: 8 iSecurity Modules including Firewall, Audit & Action

The IRSAP Group is the Italian leader, and one of major European suppliers, of interior heating and climate-control systems. The company successfully implemented security, auditing and compliance solution in order to become compatible with the Italian Privacy Act

Menora: iSecurity AP-Journal

Menora Mivtachim Insurance is one of the leading insurance companies in Israel. Menora uses iSecurity AP-Journal for sending OS/400 journal receiver records to RSA enVision via Syslog for analysis, reporting and correlation.

Neller: 9 iSecurity Modules including Firewall, Audit Action & Anti Virus

Neller Pty Ltd has been a leading provider of advanced workforce management solutions for over 360 medium to large organisations in Australia and New Zealand. Neller decided to invest in the Firewall, Audit, Action, Visualizer and Anti-Virus solutions of iSecurity.

Promedico: isecurity AP-Journal

Promedico, a large Israeli medical products distributor purchased iSecurity AP-Journal from Raz-Lee Security for use in their Power i business applications.

Ristoservice: 8 iSecurity Modules including Firewall, Audit & Action

Day Ristoservice SpA is one of the leading Italian companies specializing in online meal services ranging from employee-related restauranting to food stamps. Ristoservice needed a platform-specific security solution to enable its IBM i systems to manage the business critical applications and databases of its strategic systems without fear of security breaches.

Toyota Boshoku America Inc: 9 iSecurity Modules including AP Journal, Firewall, Action & Audit

Toyota Boshoku America Inc. is a leader in the automotive manufacturing industry with 15 key facilities in the United States. The team at Toyota Boshoku selected iSecurity to provide the reporting and security necessary for their J - SOX audits.

YKK Italy: 8 iSecurity Modules including Firewall, Audit & Action

YKK Italia SpA is the Italian partner subsidiary of the YKK Group which is a leading manufacturer of fastening solutions around the world. YKK Italia wanted to improve the company's security level and set the basis for compliance with J-SOx regulations. We needed a tool that would enable us to centralize System i controls. The iSecurity product series helped them achieve this.