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Raz-Lee Security Announces Authority Inspector - A Free solution to Minimize Threats Posed by Excessive User Authorities

Melbourne Australia, June 1st 2017. AH Technology (Aust) a distributor of Raz-Lee Security Inc., a leading vendor of security and compliance solutions for IBM i (AS/400) systems, announces the immediate availability of Authority Inspector.

Authority Inspector, based on IBM Authority Collection feature, introduced in 7.3, assists organizations to minimize threats posed by overly excessive user authorizations.

The issue of excessive user and object related-authorities in IBM i (AS/400) has received extensive press coverage recently, leading IBM to develop Authority Collection. As excessive authority settings open a potential security exposure to sensitive data which can be changed by unauthorized users, more and more companies strive to allocate authorities on an “as needed” basis only. This is not only common sense but is dictated by regulations such as SOX, PCI, HIPAA, GDPR and others.

IBM's Authority Collection records each and every authority check, including the authority level required and the authority level defined. This leads to an extensive amount of raw data, which, according to IBM, can be investigated by using complex, manually entered SQL statements.

Such a situation calls for a dedicated application to ease the effort and provide graphical access with “point and click” capabilities.

iSecurity Authority Inspector™, the latest product in our iSecurity™ suite of solutions, is the first and only tool dedicated to this task.

Authority Inspector is an analysis tool which presents Authority Collection data in tables and graphs, summarized and counted for ease of understanding. Meaningful field titles are used and encoded field values are translated to names.

Field filters can be easily defined by selecting values from either the table of counts or from the graphical statistical image. And, Authority Inspector is installed only on the PC, making use of the Authority Collection data on the IBM i, without adding risk, overhead or additional footprints.

"Raz-Lee is once again offering the worldwide IBM i (AS/400) market unique added value and ease-of-use, to solve a very common problem at many organizations, large and small.

During 2017, Authority Inspector is available for free, without license or maintenance charges. Just contact us to arrange for your download

AH Technology (Aust) has been specialising in adding value to users of IBM i in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and other countries in the region since 1985. For more information email:

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