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November 2010

Razlee iSecurity Times

Product Enhancements

In our previous iSecurity Times newsletter we presented the Product Enhancements below; we have decided to list them once again as the feedback from initial users of these enhancements has been especially positive:

Product Demos
  • GUI - Support for AP-Journal, GUI Help integration, table export to PDF, HTML, CSV, Excel, ODS and more
  • Firewall - Inheriting in-product IFS authorities from a higher directory, streamlined rules support for multiple libraries, web application server performance improvements, SQL long names and more.
  • AP-Journal - Significant Syslog performance enhancements when sending all file updates to Syslog SIEM viewer
  • Audit - New Raz-Lee audit types ($Q, $U, $V, $W) for monitoring and reporting, audit type C@ now includes descriptive subtypes and more
  • Action - Authenticated e-mail, support for SNMP & Twitter added to existing Syslog support, stand alone SNMP and Twitter commands
  • Screen - Supports SIGNOFF with or without ending the connection
  • Native Object Security - Advanced wizard analyzes current security-related object definitions in library and pinpoints security-level exceptions
  • Replication - Supports Program Exceptions for Replication
  • FileScope - Supports Unicode in all product functionality, activity tracing as in Action above, authenticated e-mail
  • CodeScope - Supports Unicode

Training Sessions

We recently recorded a number of highly informative training sessions for our customers.

training sessions

User Profile Management

User Profile Management, including coordinating user profile definitions between multiple systems, is an increasingly critical management and security-related concern. iSecurity is the preferred solution for comprehensive User Management in Power i.
Learn more.

Times Focus on Visualizer: Graphical Business Intelligence on the i

The Visualizer graphical business intelligence product assists in analyzing User Profile reports and all queries initiated via Firewall, Audit and AP-Journal.

And...Visualizer will soon support FileScope also!

Visualizer is a unique product on the market because of its ability to instantaneously filter millions of log records and "drill-to-the-data" to find the specific log record corresponding to a suspicious security breach!

Raz-Lee's R&D department is now finishing the development of a Stand-Alone version of Visualizer, which will be able to connect to any JDBC-connected database on any platform.

We invite you to view our Visualizer product; afterwards, we are certain you will want to use these really valuable products on your system!

View Visualizer Demo

Click here if you have a problem viewing the demo (link will install a required codec)

About Raz-Lee & iSecurity

Raz-Lee Security is the leading security solution provider for IBM Power i, also known as iSeries or AS/400, servers. Raz-Lee is headquartered in New York, with offices in Israel and Italy, and has over 26 years of exclusive IBM Power i focus.

Raz-Lee's flagship product suite, iSecurity, is a comprehensive set of security and compliance solutions for iSeries servers which enable companies to protect and monitor their valuable information assets.

Raz-Lee's solutions also enable enterprises to comply with the requirements of the Sarbannes-Oxley (SOX), PCI and HIPAA security regulations, and with COBIT implementation guidelines.

Raz-Lee's many thousands of customers worldwide include many of the largest companies in Europe, the Americas and the Far East. Worldwide distribution channels support the company's international clientele. Raz-Lee is an Advanced IBM Business Partner, carries the IBM Server Proven certification and partners with IBM in numerous markets worldwide.