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July 2010

Razlee iSecurity Times

Raz-Lee Case Studies: Toyota Boshoku America, Promedico and Hospital Sainte Therese

See how these leading companies use Raz-Lee's products to create value for their business and streamline their work process.

Toyota Boshoku America - Compliance with Regulations

Promedico - Real time application alerts

Hospital Sainte Therese - Working with and reporting on DB2 databases

New Products & Features

Raz-Lee's R&D team has released new cutting-edge technology products for Power i Security.

Following are some of the new products and features:

Join us for a Movie...

Product DemosHave a look at our Product Demo Videos, which will demonstrate to you better than 1,000 words the value of our advanced features!

* IMPORTANT - Please read the instructions below before clicking the links.

Guidelines for effective viewing:
- View the demo by clicking on the downloaded file. If you receive an error message, install the required codec.

Tips & Tricks: Creating Alerts when User Profiles are Changed

Razlee Tips & TricksiSecurity can solve many issues that system administrators run into during everyday tasks.

Here is one customer's Question:
We had a problem where an important user profile was accidentally disabled and stopped an application from working.
Is it possible for either iSecurity Audit or Firewall to alert us via email (or other means as well) if a specific user profile is disabled?
Raz-Lee Answer:
Yes it is.
View document to find out how.

Times Focus: Compliance

Each iSecurity Times newsletter will focus on a Current Events security topic - and this time we'll focus on Compliance.

Whether your company needs to comply with government or industry mandated regulations such as PCI, SOX, HIPAA, etc., or if your company needs to answer to external or internal auditors requirements, iSecurity has the answer:

  • Product supplied regulation specific Compliance Evaluator report checklists for PCI, SOX, HIPAA
  • Easy to adapt checklists to site-specific auditing requirements and naming conventions
  • Especially beneficial for CIOs, CISOs, etc. who need management level summary reports, with detailed reporting options for immediate remediation of compliance issues
Watch a Demo showing how to use the iSecurity GUI interface to attain PCI Compliance via Compliance Evaluator.

About Raz-Lee & iSecurity

Raz-Lee Security is the leading security solution provider for IBM Power i, also known as iSeries or AS/400, servers. Raz-Lee is headquartered in New York, with offices in Israel and Italy, and has over 26 years of exclusive IBM Power i focus.

Raz-Lee's flagship product suite, iSecurity, is a comprehensive set of security and compliance solutions for iSeries servers which enable companies to protect and monitor their valuable information assets.

Raz-Lee's solutions also enable enterprises to comply with the requirements of the Sarbannes-Oxley (SOX), PCI and HIPAA security regulations, and with COBIT implementation guidelines.

Raz-Lee's many thousands of customers worldwide include many of the largest companies in Europe, the Americas and the Far East. Worldwide distribution channels support the company's international clientele. Raz-Lee is an Advanced IBM Business Partner, carries the IBM Server Proven certification and partners with IBM in numerous markets worldwide.