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Filescope Supports Unicode, Syslog, SNMP
& much more

Raz-Lee is proud to announce a new release of FileScope which includes market UNIQUE support for Unicode, support for SIEM integration through Syslog and SNMP and improved E-mail support. This new release of FileScope can be downloaded directly at

Unicode, essential for international e-business and commonly used by GUI and large packages such as SAP, JDE, MOVEX, BPCS, etc., allows data from different languages to be stored in one repository. Since today's business world demands that IT be able to present content and conduct transactions in all worldwide languages, Unicode enables application source code to be written to process data in any language.

Use of Unicode results in lower implementation costs, faster time to market and higher customer satisfaction.

Filescope Supports Unicode

Unicode support, included in both FileScope/Gold and FileScope/Platinum, supports all product functionality for fields of type UTF-8, UTF-16 and UCS-2:

  • Display
  • Print
  • Update (single record, full screen, global changes)
  • Scan for fields
  • Subset records (OPNQRYF) including all Tests such as EQ, NE,�.,LIKE
  • Substring these values

New features in FileScope/Platinum include:

  • SIEM integration and complete activity tracing via SYSLOG and SNMP
  • Can send single e-mail which contains transcript of all session changes
  • Supports export to XML-format files

About Raz-Lee

Raz-Lee Security is the leading security solution provider for IBM Power i, otherwise known as iSeries or AS/400 servers. With over 25 years of exclusive iSeries security focus, Raz-Lee has achieved outstanding development capabilities and expertise.For more information about Filescope and iSecurity, Razlee invites you to contact AH Technology. Ah Technology has been distributing Razlee products in Australia and New Zealand since 1986 � Almost a quarter of a century!

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