1E Nomad Enterprise


Windows Vista (Business, Enterprise, Enterprise x64 and Ultimate), Windows XP, Windows 2000, System Center Configuration Manager 2007, SMS 2003

Nomad Enterprise brings intelligent OS and software deployment across central and branch offices with low bandwidth, non-persistent connections or without a local server. Nomad Enterprise makes optimal use of any type of network connection with minimal impact on network users.

The alternate Nomad Branch download Provider for ConfigMgr can be set as a Data Transfer Service for Packages, Task Sequences, Software Updates, OS images and Boot images in ConfigMgr. This lets you choose the download prioritization, enabling the interruption of downloads by higher priority Packages, and then resuming the download from where it was interrupted.

How it works

Nomad Enterprise was originally developed to help manage software distribution for mobile users, but as the product developed it became clear that a solution was also required for remote branches which did not have a local distribution point.

Resolving the low-bandwidth connected subnet problem

Nomad Enterprise resolves the low-bandwidth connected subnet problem by ensuring that software packages are only ever copied over the Wide Area Network (WAN) once per subnet. It utilizes local computers as a temporary file cache to enable the software to be re-distributed locally, thereby reducing the load on the low-bandwidth connection.

downloads using nomad on a subnet
Downloads using Nomad Enterprise on a subnet

A reduced cost solution

As seen above, Nomad Enterprise reduces the bandwidth required for delivering OS releases and software updates. This means that small offices or sites connected via poor network links can receive software updates more reliably. The Nomad Enterprise solution significantly lowers deployment and ongoing costs, as very few SMS/ConfigMgr servers are required. The systems management implementation costs will be significantly lower as will the ongoing management costs. Additionally, when deploying SMS/ConfigMgr across a large network, as only a few centrally located servers need to be deployed the implementation will be rapid.