Common Criteria AccreditationIn today's economy, no organisation can ignore the rising costs of energy and energy negative contribution to CO2 emissions. Considering that almost half of the world PCs are rarely turned off, the cost of wasted energy is estimated to be billions of dollars

NightWatchman is the world leading PC power management solution for companies both large and small. Simple and quick to implement and with proven accuracy, it enables significant cost savings by

Dell case study video

DELL Donnie Taylor, Team Leader: Systems Management and User Centric Solutions, Dell Inc.
Every day — throughout its operations, planning, products and services — Dell builds on a green track record that includes 1E's industry leading PC power management software. Dell’s Donnie Taylor shares why Dell chose 1E for its solution NightWatchman® and how the joint success it’s achieved for both companies.

Proven Savings & CO2 Emission Reduction

Central Power Management (CPM) using 1E NightWatchman is the most cost effective and quick method to achieve power saving without affecting your business. 1E NightWatchman implementations save $30-40 per PC; reduce PC power consumption by an average of 50% and emission by 500 metric kg of CO2 per 1000 PCs per year..

Proven Solution

1E NightWatchman is highly scalable robust fifth generation reliable solution with more than 3 million copies deployed and installations ranging from a couple of hundreds seats to over 20 implementations of a single NightWatchman Centre supporting over 100,000 PCs.

Round-the-clock PC Power Management

NightWatchman is simple and easy to implement and gives you centralized control of PC power throughout the day. PCs can be woken at the start of the working day, put into a low power state at the end of the day and then activated for a maintenance window out-of-hours.

Cost Effective Way to ‘Go Green’

Typical Return on Investment period for 1E NightWatchman ranges from 4-8 months. Considering most ICT projects’ ROI expectation of 2-3 years, 1E NightWatchman is one of the most attractive projects you can invest in and for a number of reasons

  1. Improving bottom line
  2. Reduce your energy consumption – an area targeted by governments for savings.
  3. Improve your Green and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) credentials by ‘Going Green’ and reducing your CO2 emissions.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Reduces bottom-line energy costs, saves energy and reduces CO2 emissions
  • Fast, in-depth reporting to provide details of power saving and ability to comply with growing regulatory requirements.
  • Centrally controlled, automated power management solution
  • Point solution – Independent of the underlying systems management platform (SCSM, SMS, BMC, Altiris etc)
  • Schedules daily, immediate or one-off shutdowns
  • Minimizes the window of opportunity for virus infiltration
  • Easily installable lightweight desktop client
  • Automatically powers down PCs according to a centrally controlled policy
  • Protects unsaved user data prior to shutdown
  • Best user experience – does not impact users’ day to day activities

When combined with 1E WakeUp, into Power & Patch Management Pack, the two complementary products enable their users to 'enjoy the best of both worlds' - to maximise the saving of energy and energy costs, whilst delivering unimpeded system availability when needed for software distribution and users. Together they Power deliver a safe and successful approach to remote control power saving and patch management.