Common Criteria AccreditationNightWatchman® Enterprise PC power management software intelligently power manages computers across your network remotely and automatically overnight, on weekends and when not in use. This significantly lowers energy consumption and CO2 emissions without ever impacting user productivity. NightWatchman Enterprise is the most comprehensive market leading PC power management solution available today.

Microsoft names 1E "Best of Breed"


Round-the-clock Mac and PC power management immediately lowers costs and cuts CO2 emissions. The most scalable PC power management solution available on the market today; our largest customers have in excess of 300,000 clients

Maximize user productivity

Computer Health™ proactively health checks and heals PCs, identifying issues and automatically fixes them

Accurately predict and report energy savings

Uses actual machine make and model power consumption figures and local energy tariffs to reveal the true picture of energy use, carbon emissions and costs by department, building or region, providing highly accurate web-based reports

Management reporting

Enterprise View dashboard is a sophisticated management information system, offering a configurable ‘snapshot’ view of energy and efficiency across any organization

Automatically wake and patch every machine

Uses Wake on LAN to instantly power on and patch PCs out of hours, cutting patch times and improving administration

Empowered users

Users can remotely wake office PCs for access at any time through a customizable web portal or via a mobile device. Achieves maximum energy savings with minimum user impact through intelligent scheduling and automatically backs up any unsaved data

Proven savings

Average energy savings of $36 per PC per year to offset PC power management costs within 12 months. 5.1 million licenses deployed across both public and private sector organizations worldwide saving $550m in energy and preventing 4.5 million tons of CO2 emissions

Support secure environments

Common Criteria certified and the only solution available to support reliable wake on LAN for PCs on 802.1x secure VLANs

“By working together with 1E’s best-of-breed energy efficient IT solutions, we offer customers a powerful combination of automation, reduced infrastructure and power management. As a result, customers can gain a deeper insight into their operations and drive efficiencies across their physical and virtual IT environments.
- Brad Anderson, Corporate Vice President, Management & Security Division, Microsoft


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To compare NightWatchman Best of Breed power and patch management solution with Faronics Power Save, Adaptiva Companion and Green Planet Extension, IBM BigFix Power Management, Verdiem Surveyor and AVOB Energy Saver please contact our sales team