1E WakeUp


Reduce the cost of software deployment

Common Criteria AccreditationNow deployed in more than 5 million PCs worldwide and in many sites with more then 200,000 seats, 1E WakeUp is undoubtedly a proven reliable and scalable solution to successfully power on PCs remotely for smooth patching and software updating.

1E WakeUp software is a point solution that functions independently on your network regardless of your system management software.

However, users of Microsoft Systems Management Server 2003 (SMS) or System Centre Configuration Manager 2007, will further benefit from 1E WakeUp synchronisation ability with them, increases both visibility and delivery success of PC health

To wakeup a PC, 1E WakeUp communicates a message to each of the PCs on the network; Doing so in large complex networks typically presents many challenges, such as wake messages blocked at each boundary. 1E WakeUp uses an intelligent agent to avoid relaxing network and to report on the success of failure of the message.

When needing to wake up a large number of PCs, 1E Wakeup is able to keep the network load balanced and avoid congestion by staggering the power on instructions.

Computer Health

PC availability and reliability are critical to management and users. As unmanaged PCs are an expensive problem, it pays to ensure management clients remain operational. Computer Health periodically runs tests and fixes designed to improve availability, reliability and performance. The supplied tests can be tailored to match your desktop build and applications. 1E WakeUp groups problem machines and if configured to do so, automatically starts a repair operation.

With visibility, reporting and automation the cost of maintaining Operating Systems, applications and management clients is reduced throughout an enterprise.

1E Web WakeUp

As home working becomes more prevalent, the ability to remotely wake a PC around the clock is now a requirement of users as well as administrators.

1E WakeUp features a web site where users can quickly and easily gain access to their office PC. When away from the office they can instantly check the availability of that machine, search for other machines and initiate a remote power on with a single

Key features & benefits include:

  • Configurable for any type of network including where subnet-directed broadcasts are disabled
  • 1E Web WakeUp allows users to power up their office PC remotely ensuring access to resources at all times
  • Reduces cost of software & patch deployments by enabling 100% distribution success
  • Minimises network impact by using staggered distributions
  • Computer Health monitors PC ‘health’ trends and enables pro-active or automated problem resolution
  • Gives complete visibility with reports on power & deployment success and computer health issues
  • Integrates with Configuration Manager 2007 and supports Intel® Active Management Technology (vPro™)
  • Web WakeUp provides employees with the ability to access their systems regardless of the time of day

When combined with 1E NightWatchman, into Power & Patch Management Pack, the two complementary products enable their users to ‘enjoy the best of both worlds’ - to maximise the saving of energy and energy costs, whilst delivering unimpeded system availability when needed for software distribution and users. Together they Power deliver a safe and successful approach to remote control power saving and patch management.