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In many organisations the process of fulfilling end users’ requests for the application delivery is manual and time consuming, requiring considerable paperwork, as well as in most cases, needing a technical person for installing the application on end user PCs.

Shopping automates all parts of the process, eliminates moat of the paperwork and manual work, including, in most cases, delivery of the application to the user without human intervention.

The result? a more agile IT infrastructure which puts users in control of IT resources; a significant reduction of operational costs. This self-service solution dramatically increases user satisfaction, is implemented rapidly and easily integrates with in-house applications.

Shopping’s rental feature, with its automatic un-install and license management capabilities, when combined with a Microsoft Configuration Manager 2007 R2 and Application Virtualization infrastructure further reduces the cost of desktop management.

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Park Hill School District case study video

Park Hill School Brad Sandt, Director of Technology, Park Hill School District
With Shopping™ from 1E, The Park School District saves money and help desk time by allowing its users to easily select software they need when they need it. Director of Technology Brad Sandt shares how Shopping has increased overall efficiency and flexibility with its simple interface and built-in approval chain. The Park Hill School District serves most of southern Platte County, Missouri, in the Northland region of the Kansas City Metropolitan Area.

UNUM Financial Services case study video

UNUM Financial Services Scott Ewing, Senior Infrastructure Engineer, UNUM Insurance
In a large and complex IT environment, NightWatchman® and Shopping™ have helped UNUM increase efficiency, reduce costs, save energy and maximize employee productivity. UNUM provides a range of life and income protection insurance products, and also uses 1E to boost its corporate green initiatives.

Reduce cost of desktop applications

One in every five dollars of most IT budgets is spent on buying licenses for desktop applications. This share increases when you include the costs for response time and manual effort for distribution, installation and license management. Often licenses are purchased but the software goes unused, or is only required for short term use. Shopping helps reduce spend on licenses by automating the removal of software and by supporting a rental model for software deployment. The rental model allows enterprises to derive the maximum value from their software purchases.

Key benefits:

  • Considerable cost savings - the software request process is automated from request to delivery, saving significant amount of time otherwise spent by helpdesk staff.
  • Reduces software license costs - the new application rental feature enables time-based application rental, allowing automatic software and license retrieval
  • Increases productivity - deploys requested software fast, allowing users to remain productive
  • Controls the use of software - authorization workflow is automated, ensuring licensed software is accounted for and only delivered to those with approval to use it
  • Increases user satisfaction - Self-Service solution that empowers the user to choose what they need when they need it and control the delivery time to minimize disruption
  • Delivers fast ROI - simple implementation and low running costs sees a typical ROI of between 3 to 6 months

Extendible and customizable

Shopping enables self-service packaged application provisioning with proven scalability to suit any size of business up to enterprise-level.

The Shopping workflow can also be applied to non-software items, the presentation can be customized and an API presents opportunities for integration with other request and provisioning systems. Combine this with an ROI of less than three months and you can see that Shopping is a clear and unique winner.

Shopping, reliable technology from a reliable company

Shopping has proven it is scalable and reliable in a live environment. At Syngenta, Shopping handled over 147,000 requests and saved over 50,000 man hours of IT support time.

"The application is doing 100 per cent of what it was designed to do, and enabling our users to get the software they need to work effectively."

Mario Kunz, Global Client Services Lead, Syngenta

Read what Syngenta did to overcome the time-consuming and costly issue of 4,000 new software requests each month. Sowing the seeds of success.

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