1E Power & Patch Management Pack


Together delivering the perfect balance between energy savings and availability, NightWatchman® and 1E WakeUp ™, two leading 1E solutions, are both found in The Power & Patch Management Pack™.

With 1E Power & Patch Management Pack™. users enjoy the ability to maximise their energy and cost savings whilst able to manage and control their patch distribution in the short possible time to avoid viruses and hackers attack.

Successful Pc Power Management & Software Updating

Typical issues with overnight patching process

There is no doubt that being able to distribute software and patches overnight can be the preferred way, but for issues

Failure Rate

In environments without the Power & Patch Management Pack, users report around 25 percent of patch failure resulting in from PCs left turned off for the night, or are, left on, but in a state that does not allow successful patching.

The distribution process may take an hour, but for it to succeed, all PCS must be left power on for the night, wasting considerable amount of expensive energy and providing unauthorised personnel with more opportunities to wreck havoc

Hackers are getting faster

Other hackers do not rest either – it is clear that the lead time between patch releases and virus exploits is getting shorter; forcing critical patch releases to become more frequent. As a result, businesses need to ensure that their critical patch rollouts can take place as successfully and efficiently as possible.

Hackers are getting faster

Leaving 25% of PCs for a day or two without critical patches is a serious security risk

Inefficient use of human resources

A failure rate of 25% means the support staff require an extra effort to manage and successfully deliver

Faster patch rollouts

The Power & Patch Management Pack addresses all the security issues by increasing the success of critical patch rollouts to almost 100%, reducing energy consumption and costs by having PCs turned off most of the night and keeping hackers out by turning the PCs on only for the short period required to successfully deploy the patches.

  • 1E WakeUp™ now remotely powers on more than 5 million PCs worldwide, ensuring software distribution, especially of urgent critical security patches, are deployed successfully. If some PCs are already powered on, 1E WakeUp makes certain they accept the critical patch immediately.
  • NightWatchman® is the world leading Central Power Management (CPM) solution, currently with license to remotely power down over 3 millions PCs worldwide. NightWatchman® will not power down a PC before first saving users data (open spreadsheets, word documents etc), and closing applications safely.
  • Having the PCs turned off for the night ensures maximum energy savings. At the time, it will also help the patching process as when powered up, the likelihood of unsuccessful patching is minimal.
    The Power & Patch Management Pack increases the speed of patch take up.
  • 1E WakeUp tells PCs that are already awake to accept the critical patch immediately and wakes up machines that are powered off.
  • NightWatchman makes rebooting easier and ensures that they happen as soon as possible.
  • Power & Patch Management Pack

Ideally suited for enterprise & small to medium sized businesses

Suiting all sizes of network, the Power & Patch Management Pack offers several options for configuration. By integrating with Microsoft Active Directory, Group Policy and System Center Configuration Manager 2007 a business can orchestrate PC power management from its existing toolset.

The Web WakeUp service within 1E WakeUp and NightWatchman’s command line based configuration offer integration opportunities with other desktop management software applications.

NEW - The NightWatchman Console

The NEW NightWatchman Console can be used to manage the Power & Patch Management Pack using an easy and intuitive GUI interface.

The NWM Console combines access, management and control of all Power & Patch Management Pack components from one application covering the 1E WakeUp, NightWatchman and the reporting functionality delivered by the Agility Framework.

The result – a comprehensive PC Power Management and Patching solution which can be easily and successfully deployed with any system management environment

Rather than resort to command line instructions, users can set up the power policy, wake up information using fill in the form GUI screens.

The NWM Console provides access to the comprehensive reporting system the software comes with. With regulations and reporting requirements are regularly announced by governments, the ability to accurately report about electricity usage in IT can not be underestimated

The NightWatchman Console

Power & Patch Management Pack I a combination of 1E NightWatchman, and 1E WakeUp into, the two complementary products enable their users to ‘enjoy the best of both worlds’ - to maximise the saving of energy and energy costs, whilst delivering unimpeded system availability when needed for software distribution and users. Together they Power deliver a safe and successful approach to remote control power saving and patch management.