NightWatchman® Server Edition

Revolutionizing Data Center Efficiency

1E pioneered PC Power Management and is now applying its intelligence and expertise to the data center.

Over $8.5 billion every year and rising

$8.5bn is the cost of running the world's data centers. With typical server utilization below 20% and many servers simply not being used, energy and hardware are being wasted.

When do your servers do Useful Work?

Would you like to know when your servers are providing business value and when not?

Would you like to make informed decisions about all your servers whether physical or virtual?

By power managing unproductive servers and freeing up unused capacity, an organization with 1,000 servers can save nearly half a million dollars per year. The power savings alone are equivalent to the amount of CO2 absorbed by 88,000 trees each year.

NightWatchman Server Edition Edition

CSC case study video

CSC John A Glowacki, Corporate Vice President & Chief Technology Officer, CSC
Listen to how 1Es NightWatchman® and NightWatchman® Server Edition are lowering costs and reducing its environmental footprint across the organization. For more than 50 years, CSC has developed smart, technology-enabled solutions to solve its clients' toughest challenges, demonstrating a commitment to excellence and a passion for exceeding expectations.

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NightWatchman Server Edition Edition on Dell 11G server also gives you integrated access to Dell EnerySmart Technology